First, and most importantly, call the ditch rider phone number at 541-571-1201 before 3:00 pm, 24-hours before you want to begin irrigating. Tell the ditch rider when you would like to begin, how much water you will be using, and how many hours you would like to irrigate before turning off. We have to know what the water demand is ahead of time in order to have it available when you want to irrigate. We must know when you will be finished with the water in order to conserve as much as possible throughout the season.

You must speak directly with the ditch rider to schedule water; voice messages or texts will not be recognized for water use scheduling.

Lastly – please remember, it is your responsibility as a water user to monitor and keep track of your individual water use. If you have any questions on how to read your flow meter, don’t hesitate to call the office at 541-667-2030 for assistance.