WATER BACK ON: Following the flooding from Butter Creek and ensuing clean-up of debris carried into the Westland canals, water is back on in the entire delivery system for irrigation use. Be sure to call (not text) the ditchrider phone number at 541.571.1201 to schedule water use. Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this busy spring start-up period.

Water On:

Water will begin filling the A-line canal on Friday, April 5. The pump stations for the pressurized systems will be started Monday morning. Please call to report any observed leaks or for assistance during this start-up period.

Bobby Bailey, Field Supervisor: 541.571.1202
Steven Cleveland, Maintenance: 541.571.1203
Dustin Edwards, Ditchrider: 541.571.1201
Mike Wick, District Manager: 541.571.1200
Westland Office: 541.667.2030

Thank you!

SNOTEL Report:

As of April 4, the current Snow Water Equivalent for Umatilla, Walla Walla, Willow Basins is 158% of normal.