MEETING NOTICE:  The Westland Irrigation District Board of Directors will hold its next regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, July 21, 10 a.m. at New Hope Community Church, Room #4, 1350 S Hwy 395, Hermiston.  For more information contact the district office at 541-667-2030.

MAKE PAYMENTS BY PHONE OR ONLINE: Debit and Credit card payments are now being accepted. You can pay your bill by calling the office at 541-667-2030 or by using the “Pay My Bill” link below.
Fees are 2.00%
You will need to know the amount you would like to pay.

WATER SUPPLY PROJECT BEING EVALUATED:  A collaborative effort involving the District, Umatilla County, and Farmers Conservation Alliance to increase water supplies to Westland patrons is under consideration. Read more about the opportunity at this link: Ordnance Project Overview  A list of questions about the project can be found here: Project FAQs

PUBLIC NOTICE:  Westland Irrigation District intends to use aquatic herbicides in its canal system this summer to control pond weed and algae. Applications will be as-needed during May through October 2021. Herbicides to be used are Teton with active ingredient endothall; Magnacide H with active ingredient acrolein; and Copper Sulfate. Westland water users may request in writing that their parcels not receive water deliveries during aquatic herbicide applications. Dairy animals must not be allowed to drink water treated with acrolein-based herbicide; please contact the Westland office to arrange advance notice of treatments if you have dairy animals. Interested persons may call the Westland office at 541-667-2030 for further information and instructions on requesting 24-hour advance notice before applications.

RESTRICTED OFFICE ACCESS:  Westland Irrigation District’s office is open to the public one person at a time for in-person services due to COVID-19 safety measures. If you have a payment or something to drop off, please leave it in our locked drop box near the front door. If you need to talk to a staff member, please call us at 541-667-2030 and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy!

WINTER NEWSLETTER:  The District’s winter 2021 newsletter is available here.


Situated in Northeastern Oregon’s Umatilla Basin, Westland Irrigation District supplies water to approximately 14,700 acres of productive farmland. Westland is continuously working to improve its efficiency and contain costs for its approximately 260 patrons who rely upon the District for their farms and ranches. Westland also works collaboratively with local, state and federal agencies, conservation groups, and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation to improve fish and wildlife habitat.


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