The Westland Irrigation District Board of Directors will meet Wednesday, August 28, 1:00 p.m. at New Hope Community Church, Room #4, 1350 S Hwy 395, Hermiston. Agenda items include: Litigation; 2019 Priorities; McKay water season. The Board may take up additional agenda items arising after this notice. The Board may meet in executive session pursuant to ORS 192.660(2)(h), which allows the Board to meet in executive session to consult with counsel concerning the legal rights and duties of a public body with regard to current litigation or litigation likely to be filed. For more information call the District office at 541-667-2030.


The District’s May newsletter is available here.


After hearing oral arguments August 30th in the case of ELH LLC et al vs Westland Irrigation District, Judge Gregory Baxter ruled from the bench granting all motions brought by Westland Irrigation District and denying all motions and claims by Plaintiffs.
11-13 update: Judge Baxter ruled on the form and substance of the Order On Motions For Summary Judgment. Quoting legal counsel for Westland, “Bottom line is that despite objections by the plaintiffs to the form of proposed order, the court signed the order as proposed by Westland, including the detailed findings with respect to the individual plaintiffs in section 4, and the direction for Westland and the intervenor-defendants to submit applications for attorney fees and costs in section 5.  Plaintiffs had objected to both of these sections.  Also, the court signed the order without holding a hearing on the form of proposed order, which the plaintiffs had requested.  In sum, this is a very good order and outcome for Westland.” The Order On Motions For Summary Judgment can be found here.



Situated in Northeastern Oregon’s Umatilla Basin, Westland Irrigation District supplies water to approximately 14,700 acres of productive farmland. Westland is continuously working to improve its efficiency and contain costs for its approximately 260 patrons who rely upon the District for their farms and ranches. Westland also works collaboratively with local, state and federal agencies, conservation groups, and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation to improve fish and wildlife habitat.


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