The Westland Irrigation District has a maintained a constructive relationship with the CTUIR on water issues for many decades. The Umatilla Basin Project Act is a good example.  After years of collaborative work, Congress approved a new law to shift the diversions of the districts from the Umatilla to the Columbia River, improving instream conditions in the Umatilla for fish and wildlife. Phases I and II of this law has contributed to the restoration of salmon in the region. In 2006, the CTUIR and Westland signed an MOA requesting that the Department of Interior (DOI) complete an engineering study on the planned third phase of the law.  Then, in 2007, the DOI announced the Umatilla Basin Water Supply Study (UBWSS), a plan to conduct an appraisal-level water supply study of the Umatilla River.  Work on this project began in June 2012 and included the participation of the Bureau of Reclamation, the Umatilla River Federal Indian Water Rights Assessment Team, CTUIR, Westland , and the Oregon Water Resources Department. The UBWSS explored a number of options, and work continues on this project. A full final report of the UBWSS can be found here.